Saturday, June 1, 2013

Live TV on the Playstation PS3

I have two HDHOMERUN Prime cable tuners with cable cards in them. Silicondust recently updated the firmware to enable DTCP-IP support for encrypted channels to work. They have a list in their forums for DLNA devices that this should work on, and the PS3 is one of them.

All you need to do is enable DTCP-IP in the system settings of your PS3. This is where it got fun.
I kept getting an error code (8071053d) when I tried to enable it. So I did a little searching.

First thing i did was enable UPNP on my pfsense firewall and set a rule to allow my PS3 ip and a port range of 3000-6000. I also enabled UPNP on my PS3.

I then tried enable DTCP-IP again, and I still got the stupid error.
So this time, I ssh'd into my pfsense firewall and started running tcpdump on my WAN interface looking at ports 5223,3478,3479,3658

I started seeing a few IP's popping up. I then did a whois on one of the IP's and saw:

I run pfblocker on my firewall and it was telling my PS3 to screw off.
So I had to whitelist this CIDR

Once that was complete. I went back to my PS3 and viola ..... DTCP-IP enabled!
Now I can watch all the cable stations I subscribe to through my PS3.

HD HOMERUN PRIME showing up on the PS3:

Science Channel HD: