Friday, December 14, 2012

Where is the forum yo?

Got a few questions today about where our forums went. The truth is we ditched them. We did this for a couple of reason the main being upkeep. The forums were a pain in the ass since every time there was an update they would revamp the template system. It took a long ass time to customize the templates every time a new version dropped.

So where did we move that type of functionality? Well we moved it to our Facebook group. Our group is located here.  Its not open to the public so ask to be added and we will take care of it. I am working on integrating Facebook functionality with this just have not had the time just yet. Also if you think you have something to contribute post wise feel free to msg me and we can add you as an author on the blog.

Smooth out

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  1. Basically Moving stuff to blogger, just makes our lives easier because we are lazy and we don't want to work on websites. We want to play games.